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Robotics Continuum - Gesture Control Robotic Arm
IEEE RAS Robotic Continuum launches its second project “Gesture controlled Robotic Arm” "A project based on robotics, Arduino coding and much more." Check out the details on the link provided: So, what ...

Theme    : Engineering

Category : Artificial Intelligence

   30 Sep 2021 - 30 Sep 2021

    2:30 pm-4:30 pm IST

   Near Rotary Public School Cartarpuri Alias, Huda, ...



   Team Size : 1-5 Members

Last Date to Register : 16 Sep 2021 (IST)

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NASA International Space Apps Challenge - Aaruush Chennai
"Houston, Apollo 11... I've got the world on my window. " 52 years ago, when Apollo 11 made history by landing the first humans on the moon, a legacy was created. A giant leap in the history of mankind, NASA became a global platform to achieve such greatness. With a promise to be a part of thi ...

Theme    : other

Category : Other

   01 Oct 2021 - 03 Oct 2021

    5:00 pm-11:30 pm IST

  Online Hackathons



   Team Size : 1-6 Members

Last Date to Register : 30 Sep 2021 (IST)

Hackathon Event image
Hybrid Hack
A hybrid renewable energy system, or hybrid power, usually consists of two or more renewable energy sources along with Energy Storage used together to provide increased system efficiency as well as greater balance in energy supply. It requires the participants to come up with a blueprint, background ...

Theme    : Green Energy / Renewables -Solar Energy, Wind Ener ...

Category : other

   25 Sep 2021 - 26 Sep 2021

    9:00 am-5:00 pm IST

  Online Hackathons



   Team Size : 1-4 Members

Last Date to Register : 16 Sep 2021 (IST)

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